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13 Jun 2019

Journal of the Neurological Sciences issue 402 now available

Vol. 402, July 2019 now available

6 Jun 2019

Journal of the Neurological Sciences issue 401 now available

Vol. 401, June 2019 now available

5 Jun 2019

New Fellowship position for an African Neurologist in Cairo

The World Federation of Neurology (WFN), with support from the Association of British Neurologists, is pleased to partner with the WFN Teaching Centre – the Department of Neurology of Cairo University, Visiting Fellowship Programme for one newly trained African neurologist.

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Neurology News

7 Jun 2019

The “online brain”: how the Internet may be changing our cognition

The impact of the Internet across multiple aspects of modern society is clear. However, the influence that it may have on our brain structure and functioning remains a central topic of investigation. 

6 Jun 2019

Nonmigraine Headache and Facial Pain: Overview & Expert Interview

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, headache is the most commonly experienced form of pain. In a March 2019 review published in the Medical Clinics of North America, investigators summarized evidence on nonmigraine headache and facial pain.

28 May 2019

Space travel shifts astronauts' brain fluid, causes brain to float upward

A new study looks at astronauts’ brains after they come back home.

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