Environmental Neurology Research Group (ENRG)

Chair: Jacques Reis MD

AEA, Prof. Conv. University of Strasbourg

e-mail: jacques.reis@wanadoo.fr

Co-chair: Prof. P. Spencer (spencer@ohsu.edu)
Secretary: Prof. S. Ă–zturk (serefnur@yahoo.com)
Treasurer: Prof. G. Roman (GCRoman@houstonmethodist.org)


Goals of the ERNG are to promote clinical research and education in all matters having to do with the adverse effects of environmental substances/events, including neurotoxins, upon the nervous system. These include, but are not limited to: heavy metals, volatile hydrocarbons, and insecticides & pesticides. Humans may be exposed to these substances/events in industrial/occupations situations or as a result of terrorism.

Clinical studies and educational meetings are in progress or planned.

Worldwide neurologists experienced in and/or interested in such situations are invited to contact the ERNG Chair, Jacques Reis MD at jacques.reis@wanadoo.fr