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Environmental Neurology Specialty Group (ENSG)

Chair: Jacques Reis MD

AEA, Prof. Conv. University of Strasbourg


Co-chair: Prof. P. Spencer (
Secretary: Prof. S. Ă–zturk (
Treasurer: Prof. G. Roman (


About The Environmental Neurology Specialty Group

The goals of the ENSG are to promote clinical research and education in all matters having to do with the adverse effects of environmental substances/events, including neurotoxins, upon the nervous system. These include, but are not limited to heavy metals, volatile hydrocarbons, and insecticides & pesticides. Humans may be exposed to these substances/events in industrial/occupations situations or as a result of terrorism.

Clinical studies and educational meetings are in progress or planned.

Worldwide neurologists experienced in and/or interested in such situations are invited to contact the ERNG Chair, Jacques Reis MD at

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