WFN Endorsement of Medical Meetings and Scientific Activities

The WFN is evaluating any application of international or national neurological congresses and other scientific meetings for accreditation that apply according to its guidelines through its WFN Standards & Evaluations Committee.

One of the purposes of this WFN activity is to keep and improve the standards of the neurological scientific meetings that apply for WFN endorsement through accreditation according to a structured guideline. Information on the required ethical issues and limitations with the pharmaceutical and other industries can be found in the application form. Any application should be made by completing the form that can be downloaded from the below link. Applicants will be notified of the decision within two weeks of their application.

Once the application is approved and the meeting is endorsed, it qualifies to use the WFN logo, it is announced on the WFN website and WFN Newsletter and after the meeting, a brief summary will also be published on the website.

WFN Standards & Evaluations Committee


WFN Application Form for endorsement and accreditation of scientific activities