Neurology News

A prospective study of serum metabolites and risk of ischemic stroke

11 Apr 2019

Neurology® Open Access research article on identifying promising blood-based biomarkers and novel etiologic pathways of disease risk in a community-based prospective study of ischemic stroke (IS).

Bright spot analysis for photodynamic diagnosis of brain tumors using confocal microscopy

11 Apr 2019

A Japan-based research team led by Kanazawa University have found that bright spot areas have generally lower fluorescence in brain tumours than in normal tissues in images captured by irradiation with a 405 nm wavelength laser and 544.5–619.5 nm band-pass filter. This may facilitate discrimination of glioblastoma with or without 5-aminolevulinic acid fluorescence and could be applicable to other tumours.

New research fellowship opportunity in neuroinfectious disease for physician-scientists from LIC and LMIC regions

5 Apr 2019

New research fellowship opportunity in neuroinfectious disease for physician-scientists from LIC and LMIC regions at Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Women outlive men: where and why

4 Apr 2019

Where men and women face the same disease, men often seek health care less than women.  In countries with generalized HIV epidemics, for example, men are less likely than women to take an HIV test, less likely to access antiretroviral therapy and more likely to die of AIDS-related illnesses than women. 

The brain’s auto-complete function

3 Apr 2019

Collaboration between Birmingham and Bonn yields new insights into associative memory

Diseases cost the African Region $2.4 trillion a year, says WHO

27 Mar 2019

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that nearly 630 million years of healthy life were lost in 2015 due to the diseases afflicting the population across its 47 Member States in Africa, now amounting to a loss of more than 2.4 trillion international dollars ($) from the region’s gross domestic product value annually.

Smell of skin could lead to early diagnosis for Parkinson's

20 Mar 2019

Scientists at The University of Manchester have found small molecules contained in sebum, that are responsible for a unique scent in people with Parkinson’s. 

Our brains may ripple before remembering

15 Mar 2019

NIH study suggests tiny electrical brain waves may be a hallmark of successful memory retrieval.

Using sleep disorder to predict Parkinson’s disease

4 Mar 2019

A large multi-centre study of more than 1,200 patients provides important predictors of Parkinson’s disease progression, which will allow better candidate selection for clinical trials and more effective therapy development.

Zika: Silent long-term circulation in Thailand

27 Feb 2019

The circulation of the dengue virus for the past sixty years in South-East Asia is relatively well known. For Zika, the situation is much less clear. In an attempt to shed light on Zika circulation, scientists from the Institut Pasteur and the CNRS, in collaboration with US teams and the Thai National Institute of Health, decided to investigate the history of the Zika virus in Thailand.

Leading nurse says young dementia patients “falling into void”

20 Feb 2019

A leading nurse says people in the UK who develop dementia under the age of 65 are “falling into a void” with little or no access to long-term specialist support.

Study unveils a blueprint for treating a deadly brain tumor

19 Feb 2019

NIH-funded, preclinical study suggests a common form of brain cancer may be treated with combination radio- and chemotherapy